Monday, December 8, 2008

Science, Tongue Rolling, and Dominant Genes!

Picture this:

2 kids doing a science experiment about inherited genes. The question comes up about tongue rolling, and can they do it? They both can. Their teacher, my good friend Reigh Anne, tells them that tongue rolling is only a dominant gene and you can't do it unless one or both of your parents can.

My reaction:

"WHAT?! Neither my husband nor I can roll our tongues! Are you telling me they aren't our kids? "

Her reaction:

"That's not possible!", she says with a note of unbelief in her voice. "You're telling me that neither one of you can roll your tongue?

"No!" I reply a bit miffed, "I can't and neither can Ted."

"But that's unheard of!", she says.

"Well hmmm!", I said. As if that would explain why we can't roll our tongues. This I'm going to have to check up on... stupid dominant genes!

Fast forward 3 days to a conversation with Stephanie, Kevin, and Mikey:

Me: "Hey did you know that the ability to roll your tongue is a dominate gene? Did you also know that all 4 of my kids can roll their tongues but Ted and I can not? What do you make of that?"

Stephanie: "See,I can roll my tongue", she said as she proceeded to show me. "But really? You can't? Show me." So I do... and let me say I'm so glad that no one brought out their camera to capture the moment! Me, who cannot roll her tongue trying to. It was hilarious I'm sure!

Mikey: "See so can I."

Kevin: "You're just weird Christina! Even I can roll my tongue."

Me: "Well good for you all!", I remarked snidely.

So, my question once again:

"What does it mean if my husband nor I can roll our tongues but our children can?"

"Does it count that my mom, dad sister, and brother can roll theirs?"

Does this mean that I'm a freak of nature? Maybe it's just that they are wrong about the whole tongue rolling being a dominant gene! I'll bet that's it...


~ Stephanie. said...

I vote "Freak of Nature"

Anyone second that vote?

OUR FAMILY... said...

Gee thanks Steph! Way to make me feel better. ;-) LOL
My kids agree with you by the way. (Go figure)

E.T.'s Mom said...

I have no answers. But "freak of nature"? That's not nice!