Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A to Z questions about me...

Yes! I stole this off your blog site Stephanie but I needed something interesting to put on mine....

(A.) Attached or single? Attached
(B.) Best friend? Ted, Victoria, and my sister Stephanie
(C.) Cake or pie? Cake (Chocolate of course)
(D.) Day of choice? Saturdays
(E.) Essential item? Lip gloss, cell phone and current book I'm reading
(F.) Favorite Colors? Red and Brown
(G.) Gummy bears or worms? Neither... hate gummy anything
(H.) Hometown? Born in Grants, NM raised in Albuquerque, NM, live in Paducah, Ky
(I. ) Indulgence? Dark chocolate truffles
(J.) January or July? January... really any time it's cold outside will do :)
(K.) Kids? 4 - Amanda-21, Victoria-17, Kevin-15, and Zachary-10
(L.) Life isn't complete without? My family and God
(M.) Marriage date? March 3, 1990
(N.) Number of brothers & sisters? 1 older brother, Michael and 1 younger sister, Stephanie.
(O.) Oranges or apples? Oranges
(P.) Phobias? water, heights, and being alone
(Q.) Quotes? “But they don't sell mango smoothies at Wal-Mart mommy" - Victoria
(R.) Reasons to smile? God, my wonderful children, and a great hubby!
(S.) Season of choice? Autumn
(T.) Tag seven peeps! ???????
(U.) Unknown fact about me? I don't like large crowds and having to communicate with people I don't know.
V.) Vegetable? Squash, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots... I like them all!
(W.) Worst habits? Impatience and zoning out in the middle of a conversation with someone.
(X.) X-ray or ultrasound? Both
(Y.) Your favorite food? Dark chocolate and my husbands cooking.
(Z.) Zodiac sign? Cancer

Friday, August 22, 2008

Deecke Family Trivia...

Test your knowledge of our family and see how many of these trivia questions you can get right...

1. I was born in Reno, Nevada, who am I? Kevin
2. I was in marching band, Who am I? Ted
3. My first job was dusting furniture for Ethan Allen, who am I? Christina
4. The only German food I like is their desserts, who am I? Tori
5. We were born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who are we? Tori and Zachary
6. My favorite subject is Science, who am I? Zachary
7. I love to read, who am I? Christina
8. I asked my parents what they would put in a wine cabinet, who am I? Kevin
9. I am already training for my future career, who am I? Kevin
10. I am the only one with green eyes, who am I? Tori
11. I play mid-field in soccer, who am I? Kevin
12. I played baseball in 2nd grade, who am I? Zachary
13. I have traveled to 48 of the 50 states, who am I? Ted
14. I played the violin and cello, who am I? Amanda
15. I love to draw Disney characters, who am I? Christina
16. My family loves coffee but I am the coffee snob, who am I? Ted (bet you knew that!)
17. I was born in Scranton, Pa, who am I? Amanda
18. I want to be an architect, who am I? Zachary
19. We can recite all 50 states and their capitols, who are we? Tori, Ted, Christina and Zachary
20. I want to be class valedictorian, who am I? Tori
21. I was born in Grants, New Mexico, who am I? Christina
22. When I was younger I wanted to work for McDonald's, who am I? Amanda (so she could eat all the fries they'd give her)
23. I love to annoy my family with useless information, who am I? Ted (and sometimes Tori)

Friday, August 15, 2008

Family pics...

These are a few of the pictures that Sara took for us while my sister and her family were here visiting. She is an awsome photographer and you can view her website at

My beloved sister Stephanie and my brother-in-law (or out-law in this case) Wesley ;)

My beautiful niece Samantha

My adorable nephew Ethan

Thanks Sara for giving me permission to post these. I love them!

It's been awhile....

Just wanted to catch you all up on our family. This summer has been really busy with vacations, family coming to visit, house repairs, soccer tryouts, camp, and practice, and now school starting. Everyone is doing well and getting back into the school year routine.

In June my parents, Ted, the kids and I went to Virginia for a family vacation for a week. My parents came back here and spent an extra week with us. We had a great time with them and feel blessed that we were able to spend some quality time together. It was over too soon though.

The week after they left Tori and Kevin went on a mission trip to Camp Barnabas. It is a camp for special needs children. They both loved it and are looking forward to going back next year.

During that weekTed had to go on a business trip to Ohio so Zach and I tagged along. It was a great trip for the 3 of us. Zach and I were able to relax and swim every day while Ted worked.

My sister and her family came to visit in July for a week. I haven't seen my nephew since he was 2 months old so being able to have him here for a week was awsome! He is such a cute, adorable, and loving litte boy. My neice is just as precious. She is a very energetic 5 year old! But she is sooo cute you can't help laughing at her antics. It was great to be able to spend time with my sister and show her around our town. I miss out on so much living so far away and I treasure every moment we were able to spend together. We were able to have our pictures taken by a good friend of ours. It was fun trying to get all the cousins to pose for pictures... Thanks to Kevin who took these of his cousins. Aren't they so cute????

Now soccer season is upon us... both Tori and Kevin are playing this year so it makes for more time in the car. As soon as I have pictures of their first games I will post them. It will be an interesting year with them both playing and having to be at two different fields at the same time. I guess Ted and I will have to take turns at whose game we go to.Ted at Tori's and me at Kevin's then switching... makes for a fun soccer season! (note the hint of sarcasim there)

This year is Tori's senior year. We are both sad and happy. Sad that she will soon be leaving us but happy that she has chosen a career path and will be starting a new chapter in her life. She plans on going to either Lipscomb or Harding for college. Her plans are to become a Doctor for children with special needs. We are so proud of her and all her accomplishments so far and can't wait to see what God has in store for her this year and the years to come. Just pray that I will be able to get through this year without crying every day. ;)
By the way this beautiful picture of Tori and Alex (her boyfriend) was taken by my good friend Sara Darling.

Thats all for now but stay tuned for more in the lives of the Deecke's...