Thursday, November 6, 2008


I read a short article today about being grateful. In the article, the author quoted Thomas Paine, "These are the times that try women's souls." She is right. She states that for 2008 we've had our own revolutionary drama. From the recent hurricanes, the trouble on Wall Street, gas prices, and the outcome of this election (whether your happy about it or not) is enough to cause most women to fret. But she reminds us that we need to remember the simple things, the things that remind us that no matter what is happening we have a choice. So in the spirit of gratefulness I am listing just a few things that I am extremely grateful for...

Cold autumn days,
A warm fire,
Smiles, and
A good book to read

What are you grateful for?


~ Stephanie. said...

I am grateful for:

Difficult times - it is only in going through them that you truly appreciate the easier times.

Blogs and blogging.

Loved ones.

Good books, good music, giggles.

The end of campaign advertisements.

Autumn, and everything about it.

Chocolate, but not everything about it. :o)

E.T.'s Mom said...

Nature...that demonstrates God's beauty, patience, and power.



Kacey Leigh said...

A job.

The fact that I've become incredibly good friends with my favorite cousin.

Books and movies.

A new church home.

My hubby and my family.

The hope of new friends...

My new coat.

Lesli said...

I am grateful for:

My hard working & loving husband.

Being a mom!

Being an aunt!

My extended family!

Yes, family! :o)


Church families.

Dancing with my daughter.

Hearing my daughter say, "I wuv you, Mommy...SO much!"

Rainy days when I can nap.

Days with no obligations.