Friday, March 6, 2009

Quotes, Mis-spoken Words, & Silly Sayings

If you know my kids, you know that they are FUNNY! They say funny things all the time. Some just being silly, some because they are trying to be funny, and some just because they didn't stop to think before they spoke. I have been compiling them for a while now and decided they just had to be shared! So here are the funniest of the funny:


"But mommy they don't sell Mango smoothies at Walmart."
"Did that sign back there just say Man Ham?" (Said 16 hours into a 21 hour trip. Think she was tired?)

Kevin-isims: Obviously he is the one who speaks before he thinks...

"Don't worry mom, I have my pants in my backpack!" (words every mother wants to hear!)
"What's Won ton endangerment" "Umm, don't you mean wanton endangerment Kevin? What? Are you trying to scare a noodle?" (Ted said laughing hysterically)
"What do you put in a wine cabinet?" "Typically people put wine in a wine cabinet Kevin." (Tori said sarcastically)
"Hey look! They have local ranch." "Kevin, that's lo cal ranch!" ( said Tori)
"How do you say Fiesta in Spanish?" (Are you serious?!)


"That just sounds de-appetizing mom." "Don't you mean unappetizing?" "No, de-appetizing." "That's not a word Zach." Well I'm declaring it a word!" (discussion between Zach and I)
"I brought two spoons because I thought you might get generous?!"
"I will joust you!" (Said to Kevin Reynolds)
"Every time we walk by this house they have it on the fish channel."
"Are you serious? Zach! That's their aquarium!" (Tori said with a look of disbelief on her face.)

As long as my kids continue to say silly things I will continue to blog about them. Oh the joys of being a mother! And if you will note, Victoria was the one coming back with most of the sarcastic and incredulous retorts to the funny things her brothers said. She gets that from her father you know?!


~ Stephanie. said...

"fiesta" in Spanish! I'm still cracking up!

Kacey Leigh said...

Usually if I try to scare a noodle, I just spell "boo" in my spaghetti O's.

I know that was bad...just slap your knee and move on ;)

E.T.'s Mom said...

I'm glad you documented those!

Aym's said...

Haha those just made my day! Haha Im glad Im not the only one with blonde moments :)