Monday, March 10, 2008

Cell Phones and God

My cell phone has become such a part of me that when I am without it I feel lost, incomplete, and disorganized. I realize that this has become a problem for me and am currently looking into starting up a cell-phone anonymous group. Anyone willing or needing to join me?
Last week, when Zach and I were out running errands, I realized that I had forgotten my cell phone. I thought about going back home to get it but I was already running behind and had an appointment that I had to keep. So I kept my car pointed in the direction of my destination and tried to shut off the voices screaming in my head that said, "What will you do if you get into an accident and can't make your appointment?" or "What if you get lost and need to call for directions?". The rational side of me knows that there are simple solutions to those questions but the irrational, addicted to my cell-phone, side of me couldn't think of any. After muttering to myself for the 10th time about how I really should have just turned around and gotten my cell phone Zach asked me, "Why is not having your cell phone such a problem mom?" I could have thought of a million and one reasons right then but it made me pause long enough to think about his question. There was a time that I didn't have a cell phone, and obviously didn't miss having one. His question also brought to mind another question, "Is God more important to you than your cell phone? Can you live without Him easier than your cell phone?" I decided then and there that I could live without my cell phone for the day but I couldn't live without God. I used this opportunity to teach Zach about the importance of putting God first in my life and how I can let things take His place if I'm not careful. I am so glad that I forgot my cell phone that day, and that God reminded me what was most important...HIM.

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