Monday, October 22, 2007

Victoria, Wisdom Teeth, and Drugs...

Question: What happens to an intelligent teen girl when you apply the effects of post-oral surgery pain medication?
The answer: Humor! Lots of it!
When you ask her how she's doing, 45 minutes after taking her pain meds, you might get an answer like, "Good! I feel like I can fly!" or "I don't know, but did you know that the ceiling is moving?" It is cause for laughter. Normally Victoria is a very funny girl, but when you add pain medication, she becomes down right hilarious! I know that I shouldn't make fun of her, but I just can't help it.
Apparently the moon has waves coming off of it, the plant hook in Kevin's room moves across the ceiling, and she can't recall her boyfriend coming to visit her after the surgery (The only evidence that we have to convince her of this is the card he brought her). She said that the psychedelic affects of the meds are keeping her amused while she lays on the couch with bags of peas on her cheeks to help with the chipmunk cheek swelling. I would take pictures, but the Mom in me has enough compassion to draw the line somewhere. However her dad keeps threatening to take pictures and plaster them all over the Internet.
For now though, we'll settle for blogging about it...

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