Friday, August 17, 2007

Homeschooling Week 1

I was pretty sure that I had prepared myself for every scenario, but I know now that I was definitely kidding myself. The first day we had a major meltdown. The second day we only had a minor meltdown (this one mine). And, thankfully, by the third day things got a little easier. We are still trying to find a comfortable routine that works for us, but I have faith that by the end of our first month we will have settled into one. This being the first week, I also realized that I was a little rusty on some things... but I am happily relearning everything that he needs to learn. Zachary is a very smart "little" guy, and I am enjoying watching him get excited about learning something new. He really loves history and science, they are his favorite subjects, and I am enjoying putting together fun ways for him to learn about both subjects. I can't express enough what a privilege, and how much fun, it is for me to be able to help shape my sons future in a more hands on, active way. We have a long ways to go if we are both going to make it through 4th grade, so I ask for your continued prayers and encouragement on our behalf. And if you happen to have some ideas about how to teach in fun ways please pass them my way. I am willing to lean too!

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